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friday, january 14, 2011
PLEIN AIR WORKSHOP with Shelli Ardizzone, AUGUST 21-31. 2011

 "Mecca of the SouthWest" Plein Air Workshop 

Here it the NEW, Beautiful Brochure designed by Monica and I , for the FANTASTIC  Workshop

to Taos , Ghost Ranch, Sante Fe , August   21- 31 ,2011.

Read it , enjoy the thought, savour the concept, imagine yourself  following the footsteps

of legendary artists and students  who have found this area VISUAL CANDY .


Make it happen as a gift to your artists soul, health and happiness.

Jeannie and I have designed an excellent tour, with great places to stay, 

most meals, and the excitement of the SOuthWest , just for you.

Painterly Yours, 


Click here to view flier.

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sunday, november 25, 2007
Taos, NM Plein Air Painting Spring 2007

Blue Sky
I will end, as the day ends, with the sky.
The Southwestern Mountain/desert sky is
a thing to behold.

June 2007, Joe and I visited and painted in
Taos, NM. This is a short Scrap book of some of the sites, and Pastel paintings that came from the trip. I was so inspired that I want to share this visual Bonanza with my painting pals next year. Imagine a desert plateau at 8000’with 360 degrees blue sky and surrounding mountains.

The sagebrush, and Taos Gorge depicted here, is my first look at one of the earths marvels. I was unfamiliar with the area, and hiking in to paint. Painting plein air is immediate, immersion in the scene. I found it intoxicating and exciting. Had I not painted at all I would have been content to be in this place.

ainting that thing is another story. Color in this land is exaggerated, and varied. Certainly not the usual Green challenge of Eastern summers.

Pastel of the bluff similar to the photo. Pastel was what I traveled with this trip. I under painted with W/C, so you will see some mushy, and soft areas in the painting. I really missed my Oils.

Mountain Top Valley

This is the
Rio Grande flowing through the Taos Gorge. There is a hot air Balloon Ride that departs from the floor of the Gorge at dawn. It is expensive, but would be a Peak Experience for some lucky traveler.

Another, desert view of the surrounding hills, shrubs, desert color is green and pink, in the spring. No wonder it has been a destination since the first travelers found it. Sante Fe is one of the oldest cities in our country.

More bluffs, and rocks above the desert floor. It is fascinating and HUGE, and this vista fills the picture plane in every direction.

Toas Church

This is the rear of the much painted Georgia O' Keefe   
Church, being
Despite workers all over the grounds, there were numerous groups painting the Church. 

Church Bell

Shelli in Taos

This is me, on the grounds of the Harwood Museum. Color is pink ground, orange walls, and turquoise doors. Could it be better then that?

Poppy Field


June is a great time for Poppies, and Iris. I was surprised at the plantings and abundance of flowers. The weather was great. Warm days and cool nights. And BLUE skies.

Here are some other great links to peak your interest: | Taos Pueblo | | Taos Art Museum and Fechin House |

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saturday, september 08, 2007
Plein Air Paint Along Summer 2006 & 2007

Lakshmi Under the Oak Tree

Barbara Stein and Her Work

Barn Side

White Lake

Shelli at the Easel

Cobalt Group Plein Air Painters


Cobalt House

SUMMER 2006 & 2007

Plein Air Painters Dining
Plein Air Painter

Nancy and Her Work

Hammock Beneath the Oak Tree

Grasas Fields

At the Truck

Last August, Summer 06, I stayed at Cobalt Studios big farmhouse to rest, paint, enjoy the company of some painter pals, and of course share evening meals. Country setting, away from normal responsibilities the company of enjoyable folks, and an idea germinated.

The farmhouse is home to Cobalt students, and Scenic Painters Workshops throughout the year. At the end of August, Rachel Keebler (owner/ Instructor/Scenic painter has made it available to me.

Why not do this again, and invite more painters, and open it up to plein air painters in the area? Indeed why not?

Surrounding nearby Sullivan County property is fields, in late summer colors, always appealing to me. Yellow greens, pinks, russet, all manner of greens.

Field colors, a short walk down a country road nearby. Painters working in plein air can park nearer to places on the road, or walk to views they want to paint. There is also a small pond on adjoining property which I have visited.

I think a lot about my Cobalt time each year, and look forward to the visit.

Also looking forward to sharing it, as a Paint Along, Paint Out, with others.


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